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Palestine : Yes, we come ! - (en)

Saturday 4 June 2011, by Franck

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The necessity and the possibilities to support the Palestinian people in it’s fight for justice and against the illegal and criminal occupation.

By this link, you’ll get to the original version of the clip, without sub-title and to the french version with sub-titles.

With the BDS boycott against israeli politics and the Flotilla which is preparing to oppose the siege of Gaza, hundreds of people going on the 8th July 2011 mission visiting Palestinian civil rights associations in the West Bank, illustrates the importance of international solidarity with Palestine and our duty to get involved.

This clip shows the present situation of the Palestinians with accounts from Lubna Marsawa, a palestinian woman living in Jerusalem, who was on the Mavi Marmara of previous Flotlla, Ronnie Barkan (Anarchists Against the Wall) from Tel Aviv, Tariq Ramadan and other interrnational activists.

It calls on us to join them and participate, actively, in their resistance.

Below, you may upload the video and the manifest palestinian organisations wrote to invit us to visit them

Palestine : Yes, we come ! - English version

Feature length : 10 mn.

You may also have a look on Palestinian BDS National Committee’s recent declaration which give the current political situation and context.

Palestine : Yes, we come ! - English version
Manifeste - bilingue anglo-francophone

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